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Becoming a Reptonian means a lifelong connection with our entire School community that brings a lifetime of value. 

The Old Reptonian Society was set up over 120 years ago to enable Old Reptonians (ORs) to keep in touch with one another, as well as maintain links with the school and benefit from the opportunities of being part of a global community. Career and mentoring opportunities can be explored through The Careers Hub on our alumni networking platform ‘Repton Life’ and our regular career and industry events held in UK-wide city locations throughout the year.

Old Reptonians naturally and informally tend to keep in touch with one another after leaving school, but the OR Society provides a broader means of ensuring ORs can maintain existing, and build new, friendships and connections as well as broaden career opportunities and become members of sporting and social clubs. All Reptonians automatically become life-long members of the Old Reptonian Society on leaving Repton.

The founding principles of the Old Reptonian Society are: 

  • To maintain, promote and facilitate a means of communication and to form a bond between Repton School and Old Reptonians. 
  • To assist where possible the continuing peer-to-peer professional and social networking among the global Old Reptonian community. 
  • To encourage and support all approved Old Reptonian Branches & Clubs. 
  • To build links between current pupils and Old Reptonians allowing a window into future career pathways, through virtual and in-person industry talks at Repton. 


In keeping with the OR Societies founding principles to maintain links with Old Reptonians and support their endeavours post their time at Repton, the OR Society are proud to provide grants to ORs seeking to further develop their career ambitions. As is the case with support for OR Branches, each application for funding will be discussed on an ad hoc basis amongst the OR Society Executive Committee and taken to the GC meeting in September of each year for approval. As part of any grant funding application, we ask applicants to:

  1. Highlight previous support for the OR Society and its founding principles
  2. Demonstrate how the grant will positively impact the applicants career progression
  3. Agree in principle to provide feedback on how the grant has supported their career development and to commit to support future careers initiatives for pupils and / or other ORs

Please email applications HERE 

For and on behalf of The OR Society


The OR Society strives to host events all over the UK and regularly updates our calendar throughout the year. From celebrating key milestones and house reunions to sports matches and Drinks in the City, we aim to provide opportunities for ORs to gather together and reminisce with old classmates or network with new people. There are plenty of ways to stay connected with the Repton community. 

Upcoming events 


During their time at Repton, and, in particular the Sixth Form, pupils are made aware of the many Old Reptonian branches and clubs that are available to join, allowing them to maintain links with the school and build on the activities for which they have a passion. 

If you are interested in setting up a new branch of The OR Society please contact Nicola Milward or Trinity Coupland - Smith, initially via email.



Mentoring the next generation - It is incumbent upon the entire Repton community to use their place in the world to mentor the next generation. We have established a close community of ambassadors and professional mentors who, through the careers programme at Repton, can offer guidance, advice and wisdom to our young ORs to empower them to make choices that maximise the educational opportunities they have enjoyed and benefit wider society.

If you would like to become one of our industry ambassadors and professional mentors, please contact the OR office.







OR publications

Stay up to date with all the latest news from the OR Society, the annual Arch magazine offers a great way to stay connected with the OR community.




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The Old Reptonian Society
The Hall, Repton School,
Repton, Derbyshire. DE65 6FH

Tel: 01283 559320

  • Nicola Milward
    Digital Communications & Events Executive
  • Trinity Coupland - Smith
    Digital Communications & Events Officer
  • Chairman: Nick C. Walford (Brook 1969)
  • President: Nick R.S. Smith (Brook 1969)
  • President Emeritus: Rachel E. Bacon (Abbey 1986)
  • President Elect: Samantha J.F. Wilkinson (Abbey 1986)
  • Treasurer: John S. Wallis (Latham 1971)
  • Governors Representative: Matthew J.C. Needham (Priory 1980)


  • Mr M. J. Semmence - Headmaster Repton
  • Mr N. J. Kew - Repton School Liaison Officer
  • Mrs A. F. Parish - Repton School Liaison Officer

Registered Charity Number - 1067418