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Every application to Repton is treated individually and we aim to make the process straightforward for parents and stress-free for your child.

We guide your family through the process, in-keeping with the spirit of the Repton education to tailor details to individual needs, so that you will feel fully confident that you have made the right choice.

There are many points in which your child’s Repton journey can begin. Entry to Repton Prep starts from aged 3 years and to Repton at 13 years old. The first step of entry to Repton is to decide upon the entry point that is right for you and your family. 


“Repton School has a very balanced education. We were looking for a school that offered an elite sports program without compromising on academic education. Tilly has the opportunity to be part of an exceptional hockey program which is developing her as a player, whilst maintaining a high standard of education in the classroom.”

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  • 1 — Register your interest

    If you are interested in registering for a place at Repton, please contact Jane Bird, Repton’s Admissions Manager, who will be delighted to arrange a personalised visit and support you through the application process.

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  • 2 — Assessments

    Repton invites prospective pupils to take part in GL Assessment’s CAT4 Tests that are fit for the 21st century with an emphasis on potential, skill and abilities. Along with completion of these assessments, we also request school reports and a reference from your child’s current school.

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  • 3 — Interviews

    Prospective pupils are invited for an interview with Repton’s Deputy Head Admissions.

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  • 4 — Offer of place

    Our Admissions Manager stays in close, personal touch with you throughout the Admissions process. We start building our relationship with you straightaway to ensure a smooth transition to life as a Reptonian with invitations to School and House events and contacts with existing pupils, parents and staff.

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To gain the best understanding and feel for Repton’s wonderful community, we invite prospective families to book a personal tour, guided by our Deputy Head Admissions. This can be tailored to your needs and also offers the opportunity to discuss the nuances of a Repton education with our Headmaster, Mark Semmence. 

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“Following up from our lovely visit in April, we finished our round of school visits two weeks ago and still feel that Repton is top of our list. No other school could compare in terms of the quality and structure of pastoral care and personal development, and only a few matched the offering in terms of sport. We would therefore like to move forward with our application.”

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