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Wider Sport Programme



WIDER SPORT programme

Repton’s aim is for each and every pupil to find their sporting niche and an activity that they can continue to enjoy beyond their school education. 

For those who are not involved in focus team sports, there is an extensive range of sporting provision to suit all interests with focus either on the competitive side of these sports via a programme of school fixtures, or in the enjoyment of sports for engagement and to embed a lifelong philosophy of health, wellness and fitness.

Junior years will tend to participate in the main sport of that term, unless they excel in a particular area. There is free choice of all sporting options in the Sixth Form. We are very supportive of our pupils attending external clubs where appropriate, a number of which are affiliated to the school. 

Our wider sports programme is supported with specialist coaches, including former Olympic Badminton star Donna Kellogg and world-ranked Squash player Owain Taylor.

Additional Sports:

  • Athletics (Summer Term)
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Fives
  • Fitness and Gym sessions
  • Fencing
  • Golf
  • Rugby Sevens (Lent Term)
  • Squash

HOUSE sport

With more than 460 years of history, Repton’s sporting programme is rich with tradition and quirks. Whilst pupils have the opportunity to compete in teams all year round, there are also whole school events and annual competitions grounded in historical and cultural significance.

The majority of these see the school competing for their Houses and are often the most anticipated in the School calendar, remembered by Reptonians long after leaving. 

  • Annual Steeplechase
    Come rain or shine, the Steeplechase is a true whole-school event that sees pupils run around the villages of Repton and Milton.
  • The Parker 100
    Pupils face the challenge of completing 100 running miles across the Lent Term in memory of Chris Parker, a former teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry who was also Master-in-Charge of Cross-Country and the Steeplechase.
  • Kropacsy Relays
    A collection of races unique to Repton and fiercely contested, with Houses competing against each other to take the trophy. The relays are ran in memory of Reptonian James Kropacsy, an exceptional athlete and sporting all-rounder. 
  • Caroline Tyler Memorial Swim Relays
    The first inter-House competition of the academic year. Pupils race in memory of OR and Captain of Swimming, Caroline Tyler.




As well as the above, House competitions are held in the major sports. House League is also ran at senior and junior level, solely for those who do not play in the A teams, or Senior 1sts and 2nds. This gives greater opportunity for more pupils to play representative sport and participate in a competitive sports programme.