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Repton is a school with ambition and purpose. We are eager to share our values and aims with partners across the globe.

Repton was a pioneer amongst British schools in the international market with the establishment of Repton School Dubai in 2007. From this has sprung the Repton Family of Schools, the development of a global community which is key to Repton’s future vision.

Repton schools span three continents including four in the UK and seven across the Middle East, China and Europe. Our ever-expanding group of schools delivers a world-class education delivered by outstanding teachers who have a shared set of vision and values.

REPTON online

Being at the forefront of the EdTech revolution has enabled Repton (UK) to collaborate closely with the Repton Family of Schools to establish a new dawn in our rich history: Repton Online. 

Repton Online enables teachers to bring their knowledge in specialisms such as Latin, Greek and STEM subjects, straight into classrooms across the globe, delivering the same live teaching, assignments, class content, ongoing support and progress reports that they provide to pupils in the UK.

As well as formal teaching, Repton Online delivers extra-curricular competitions, including debating, maths and physics Olympiads as well as the opportunity to share musical experiences, further enriching the lives of all our pupils, wherever they may be in the world.

This blended learning experience balances tradition with innovation to deliver outstanding results for our pupils and a truly unbounded education.


“I am enjoying Latin very much as it is a prestigious opportunity that not many other students are offered in the UAE. It broadens my understanding of a different culture that I wasn’t familiar with prior to this.”

Areeb, Repton Dubai

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