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High Performance Sport




The Repton High Performance Programme is an important part of our sporting provision. As part of the provision, our most promising and talented athletes are assigned a mentor who will help guide them through their Repton journey, not solely via the development of skills but by helping to shape attitudes, values and being a source of emotional and psychological support.

Mentors are also on hand to facilitate the transition beyond Repton with strong links to universities across the globe and professional sporting institutions.


Competitive matches are regularly recorded in our focus sports to allow coaches to analyse the performance of the players. Players are able to watch their performances back and clip their highlights using their own analysis account, helping them compile a portfolio ready for professional clubs or University entry either in the UK or overseas.

We are increasingly developing our ability to live stream sports action. 1st XI cricket and football matches are regularly live streamed to an external audience, with more planned to followed.


Repton School has been selected by Podium Analytics, founded by Ron Dennis, CBE, as a pilot school in the establishment of ‘The Podium Analytics Institute for Youth Sports Medicine and Technology at the University of Oxford. This will be the first-of-its-kind institute focused on 11–18-year-olds and safety for lifelong health. Its purpose is to inspire and forge evidence-based changes in sport and physical education and to develop innovative technologies to monitor, analyse and ultimately prevent injury in sport

“Safety in sport is paramount and it’s essential that the focus shifts to young people. These early years are where habits are formed.” Ron Dennis CBE, Founder of Podium Analytics


Repton is home to a leading Strength and Conditioning Gym facility where individuals, teams and squads enjoy specialist and individualised sessions with our full-time coach. This is linked to our physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme, ensuring that our young performers start being guided back to full fitness from any injury within days of occurrence.

The Strength and Conditioning Gym consists of:

  • 4 Performance Power racks with Olympic lifting platforms
  • Double dumbbell weight rack up to 25 kg and benches
  • TRX and pull-up rig
  • 15m running track
  • 5 Watt Bikes
  • Large, matted warm-up area
  • A range of med balls, slam balls, kettlebells, and bands

All pupils playing sport at Repton learn about the importance of movement quality with a focus on improving technical competencies and developing good mobility and coordination. As pupils progress through the High Performance Sport programme, focus shifts to building whole-body strength and power levels, followed by a performance focus at 1st team level. 

strength & conditioning coach

After completing his Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Alex worked at Derby County Football Club with academy age group and the Derby Trailblazers Basketball Academy, as well as various BUCS University athletes. In addition to being NSCA accredited as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Alex notes that his time spent gained at St George’s Park providing rehab for footballers from both the Premier League and Non-League levels was invaluable. 

Since joining Repton in 2019, Alex has used his experience to grow the S&C programme across all sports, whilst increasing Physiotherapy support and developing a coaching link with Loughborough University to boost coaching provision.

INTERN PROGRAMME in partnership with

Masters students from Loughborough University have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience as an intern providing expertise to Repton’s sports programme alongside their study. 



“My time at Repton allowed me to apply theory from my masters degree into practice. The varied responsibilities I had were tailored to the areas I wanted to develop. From supporting and leading gym and pitch sessions as well as the tennis first team, to assisting the rehabilitation programme, the latter being a unique experience for a Strength and Conditioning internship. This, alongside work experience in a boarding school environment, improved my coaching and employability, but it also consolidated my career path for the future. As a result of this, it helped me to secure my current role as an athletic development graduate assistant at Bradfield college. I am grateful for my time at Repton and look forward to staying in touch in the future.”

Masters Student