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Alongside playing a fundamental role in academic life at Repton, our Music School provides a space for pupils to pursue passions in their own time. What this means is that when it comes to making subject choices that will determine a Reptonians future – entry to a particular specialism in higher education or into the workplace – their love of music can continue alongside their studies with full access to expert guidance and outstanding facilities.

Our Director of Music, Mr Oliver Walker, leads a team of full-time and peripatetic teachers with a diverse collection of skills and interests including classical, jazz and contemporary music. Pupils of all abilities have access to our DJ suite, recording studio, performance spaces and above all expertise to help them form bands and develop skills.  

The department also hosts a professional concert series which brings artists of international repute to the school each term, providing opportunities for pupils to perform with them as well as inspirational masterclasses. 


"Music is on par with sport, according to pupils, and that’s saying something at Repton. Whether music is your everything or you just like belting hymns in chapel there's plenty of scope. ‘Not just top choirs but junior choirs and house music all approached with similar gusto,’ confirmed a parent.”

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The Music Department is housed in an impressive building which features:

  • A purpose-built concert and rehearsal hall
  • Fully equipped recording studio
  • 18 practice rooms
  • DJ and composition suite
  • Variety of academic and instrumental spaces
  • Model B and Model C Steinway piano 


There really is something for everyone in Repton’s Music Department. Opportunities to perform either as a soloist or within an ensemble are plentiful. For soloists, there are friendly informal concerts to concerto concerts with a professional orchestra for the most able. 

A third of Reptonians play at least one musical instrument and our concert hall, The Beldam Hall, is the setting for contemporary and classical music concerts and showcases throughout the year. But every Reptonian will tell you that the highlight of the School year is the House Unison competition; an opportunity for pupils to come together to champion their House through the rich medium of music.