A group of Reptonians impressed in the recent UK Mathematics Trust Challenge, with one pupil achieving a new record score for the School.

Earlier this year a number of Repton pupils were entered into the UKMT Senior Maths Challenges. Five pupils made it through to the second round, the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo - a round to which 6000 pupils are invited nationally.

All pupils achieved a Gold certificate, with William M scoring 81, Gengyang L scoring 88 and Warren H scoring 105, only a single mark away from entering the next round.

Two pupils (Vojtech P and Fisayo A) proceeded into the penultimate round, known as the British Maths Olympiad Round 1. This round grants entry to only 1000 pupils nationally. 

Fisayo came away with an impressive score of 112 out of a possible 125, and Vojtech scored 120, dropping only one mark in the entire 25-mark paper and therefore achieving the highest score that the School has ever seen.

We continue to be impressed by the academic determination of our pupils, and their constant drive to challenge themselves in such competitions. We warmly congratulate all who took part and are immensely proud of their success. Bring on next year!